Case Study: Screwfix


As part of our maintenance contract for 600 Screwfix sites across the UK, Combat were recently asked to provide a heating system for a premises in … The new updated heating system was part of a scheduled refresher programme.


Combat Heating Solutions Ltd were able to offer the ideal solution by providing a Complete U-Tube radiant heater, Elite cabinet heater to heat the warehouse section of the outlet along with de-stratification fans to push warmth back down to the rear of the shop being warehouse space. 

Over the sales counter a CompleteTM U-Tube radiant heater was installed to keep the staff and this specific area warm, as the doors are constantly being opened and closed, the radiant heat is directed down over the trade counter to provide zoned spot heat and no waste.  The CompleteTM U-Tube radiant heater was the only heating option that allowed this indoor/outdoor ambiance, as a warm air system would be constantly flowing out of the door and heating the external atmosphere.

The CompleteTM U-Tube radiant heater now has a new unique, revolutionary deep-dish, wide parabolic design, aluminum reflector which maximises 100% reflection of the energy emitted by the radiant tube down to the floor. End caps and reflectors keep tube convective heat losses to a minimum and consequently the heat exchangers retain more heat for emission. The radiant heater utilises heat treated aluminised steel tube which radiates the warm, gentle, radiant energy.

The CompleteTM U-Tube radiant heater is an excellent way to maximize spot heating  virtually eliminate cold spots and provide the utmost in comfort. The combination of gentle, radiant heat results in one of the most efficient and effective gas-fired, low-intensity, Radiant Heating products in the industry today.


Benefits of a CompleteTM U-Tube radiant heater: -


Installation Summary:

  • CompleteTM U-Tube radiant heater
  • Spot heat radiant coverage
  • Highly efficient with rapid heat recovery times
  • Zoning capabilities
  • Operative temperature; designed for the facility