ECO Condensing Unit Heater

The Combat range ECO range of condensing heaters are one of the most efficient heaters on the market, providing up to 109% certified net efficiency with a turn down rate of 1:5 while producing low NOx emissions below 30ppm and CO below 5ppm

Features include:

Reduction in thermal stratification of wasted heat loss through the roof.

A continuously regulated output using a microprocessor from 100 to 20% of its nominal values.

Reduced greenhouse effect due to low fuel consumption and high-efficiency levels.

Gas pre-mix burner and stainless steel heat exchanger.

Fuel savings of up to 35-50% (when compared to non-condensing units).

The ECO range of Warm Air Heaters offers the widest range of outputs on the higher efficiency condensing units within the market(when compared with efficiencies of 109%)

Additional information

Fuels Available

Natural Gas, LPG

Weight kg

70, 72, 80, 98, 127, 144

Height mm

ECO020 and ECO034 660mm, ECO045 and ECO065 730mm, ECO080 and ECO105 845mm