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The purpose of brooding chicks is to provide growing birds with a comfortable and healthy environment, efficiently and economically. Temperature (particularly the floor), ventilation rates, humidity, litter conditions, dust and ammonia or carbon dioxide levels should all be monitored and managed by growers. Failure to properly manage these factors during the brooding period will likely mean lower economic returns. Newly hatched chicks have little or no ability to regulate their body temperature and depend on the grower to provide an ideal growing environment through efficient heating solutions.


Evolution That Led To Agricultural Radiant Heating

Over the years, the method of adding heat to the chicken barn has taken many forms. in the 1960s the pancake brooder was created and used in a significant amount of poultry houses. During that time the poultry market began to look into the advantages of Gas-Fired Low-Intensity Radiant Heaters to offer a more efficient and modern form of heating.

Gas-fired radiant heat has proved itself to be an incredibly energy effective heating solution for transferring heat to the ground level in poultry houses, where the birds are located. This new energy efficient heating solution is now used across the country as not only does it provide energy efficient heating, but also in the right level, being the ground level meaning that the chickens are getting the correct heating at the correct level.