Retail Heating

Finding an Energy-Efficient Commercial Heating Solution 

At Combat, we specialise in manufacturing commercial heating solutions for a vast array of spaces and industry applications. In particular, we recommend the installation of different warm air heating equipment for the retail heating sector - keeping in mind the individual requirements of your premises.

When working with you to find the right retail heating for your premises, there are 3 main considerations that we keep in mind: 


Space within any retail building can be extremely limited - making it difficult to create an energy-efficient commercial heating solution that maximises space and distributes heat evenly. In order to find the correct balance, we often recommend our range of suspended warm air heaters which are installed overhead and heat the space from above - not restricting floor space or impeding on the layout of your premises. 


We understand that first impressions count - we want any retail heating installation to be seamless and unnoticeable. Any heating equipment installed into a shop would need to be aesthetically pleasing so as to not impede the overall presentation of the store and to attract a steady flow of customers. 


The most important factor is the comfort of your staff and customers. Each of our retail heating systems work to distibute heat evenly and effectively. Working to energy efficient conditions, retail heating from Combat keeps your staff and customers at an ambient, comfortable temperature without the stress of excessive heat loss or energy waste. 

Combat Heating Solutions can supply a wide range of commercial heating solutions  suitable for retail premises. Our unique design process allows us to supply heat systems that are suspended from the ceiling to preserve valuable floor space and maintain the comfort of your customers and staff.

Browse our product range via our website or enquire about commissioning a retail heating system with us - you can reach us by telephone (0121 506 7700) or email ([email protected]). We’d love to answer any questions you have about which heat system would be optimal for your space.