Chemical Factory Benefits from Energy Efficient Heating System

Working together with Dravo Combat was recently appointed to supply/install a replacement heater at a chemical factory in Derby. 

Dravo supplied a PKE140 140kW ducted 20a floor standing external cabinet heater which directly replaced an old product which was no longer fit for purpose.  This was a particularly challending installation due to the extremely small space of the heater's location, so much so that the cabinet heater had to be craned into the tight space. 

New pipe work was connected from the oil tanks supply to the new heater with two additional lever valves installed and an oil lifter, tray and water proof enclosure to contain the lifter, which improves the oil supply to the heater due to the supply being gravity fed.

New three-phase electrics were installed from the agreed board to the heater with control wiring to the heater and programmer within an enclosure located inside the building. New single phase electrics were also added from the agreed board to the oil lifter. The existing external ducting  has been removed and replaced with new spiral ducting and plenum box with protected external insulation. 

The Euroflow PKA floor standing heaters have been re-designed in order to improve the technical performances and consequently the safety, the efficiency and quality, the requirements of customised solutions and respect for the environment. The cabinet has been improved thanks to aluminium frames which, placed on the panels, make geometric figures more harmonious. Therefore, they suit both industrial and commercial installations.