Complete Multiburner Gas Radiant Heater System

Complete Radiant Heaters can provide even heat distribution from a vacuum design with uniform tube temperatures. The Complete multiburner radiant heating system offers custom-engineered designs, including herringbone, flag and T configurations, with a variety of zoning options. Also, multiburner designs can connect multiple burners per pump, thereby helping reduce building penetrations and installation costs.

CE design certified, the Complete burner box design includes a protective enclosure allowing minimal heat exposure to valuable electrical controls. Available in natural gas or propane gas, the burner is equipped with a fully automatic, three-try, 100% shut-off, direct spark ignition module. Additional heater features include effective deep-dish aluminium reflectors (stainless steel optional) and durable, heat-treated aluminised tubing.

With a wide range of burner inputs, the Complete low-intensity, Radiant Multiburner heater can be ideal for a variety of applications such as manufacturing areas, warehouses, loading docks and auto body repair shops – just to name a few.

  • Reduced building penetrations
  • Unique customer designed system
  • Ideal for new or old buildings
  • Reduced installation costs

Additional information

Models Available

15kW to 55kW

Fuels Available

LPG, Natural Gas


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