Double Linear Radiant Tube Heating Systems

Designed For Energy Efficient Heating

Complete™ double linear radiant heaters have all the benefits of the linear tube but with only one flue point for the two linear heaters which are connected via the discharge fan. The two heaters comprising the double linear format are designed to be opposing each other, producing a long strip of radiant heating coverage which in essence, provides more energy effiency heating. 

Complete™ radiant heaters can provide even heat distribution from a vacuum design with uniform tube temperatures. CE design certified, the Complete burner box design includes a protective enclosure allowing minimal heat exposure to valuable electrical controls.

Available in natural gas or propane gas, the burner is equipped with a fully automatic, three-try 100% shut off, direct spark ignition module.


Ergonimically Designed Heat System

With a wide range of burner inputs, the Complete low-intensity, Radiant Multiburner heater can be ideal for a variety of applications such as manufacturing areas, warehouses, loading docks and auto body repair shops – just to name a few.

  • Ideal for facilities where reduced fabric penetration is desirable
  • Large selection of burner inputs and tube lengths for various applications
  • Ideal for new or old buildings
  • Suitable for spot heating applications

Additional information

Models Available

30kW to 70kW

Fuels Available

LPG, Natural Gas