Sports Hall Heating Solutions

Designing A Sports Hall Heating Solution

When designing sports hall heating solutions, we keep in mind the main utilisation of the space - for physical activity. The purpose of a sports hall heating system is to provide a comfortable, ambient temperature without stuffiness. 

As the space  is used for various activities, it can be difficult to strike the correct balance and avoid overheating the space in a small amount of time.  The noise output of a sports hall heating solution is re also of high importance - as the noise level of the space is likely to be high, it’s important that any heating equipment does not overpower the activity taking place. 

Considerations for heating any sports facility can include;

Ceiling Height

In most sports facilities, ceilings are high to accomodate many types of physical activity. Before recommending any sports hall heating solution, we conduct a free site survey in order to evaluate the size of your space and create a bespoke equipment plan in accordance with our findings.


As sports halls are the centre for a breadth of different activities, it is important that any heating system is adaptable - allowing the ambient temperature to be adjusted multiple times.

Air Circulation

Any air movement in particular sports centres could interfere with activities that are taking place, such as badminton. It is important to make allowances for these requirements within the survey phase and make them a priority when putting together a heating installation plan.

At Combat,  we can provide an energy  efficient sports hall heating solution that takes each of these unique requirements into account.  To book a free site survey appointment or to gain advice from our friendly team, please contact us via telephone (0121 506 7700) or email ([email protected]).