Warehouse Heating

Warehouse & Sports Hall Heating

At Combat, we specialise in delivering warehouse heating systems that meet the individual requirements of many industries - working to find an energy-efficient and cost effective solution to suit you. From site surveys and design through to installation, our knowledgeable team aims to provide an end-to-end solution that supports your warehouse heating systems beyond the sales phase.

Before recommending any sports hall heating equipment or warehouse heating system, we operate on the understanding that every warehouse is individual with varying requirements. Whether it's Radiant Heating Systems or Warm Air Heating Equipment, there are many considerations to be made when designing, manufacturing and installing warehouse  heating systems.

We use the following parameters to fully understand your business’ priorities, taking each one into account before recommending a system that matches your needs: 


The size of a warehouse is a major contributing factor to the heating equipment required - both the amount and type. If you have a large floor space and require high heat output, then a warm air cabinet heater may be an ideal and energy efficient heating solution.You can explore our range of products and solutions to learn more about how our teams decipher the correct warehouse heating system for you. 


The location of racking within the warehouse can affect the site of the installation. If you lack space within your commercial premises, it may be that you would benefit from a suspended warm air heater installation to maximise the space efficiency, while still providing optimal results.

Product Storage

Warehouses store a wide variety of products, those can be anything from food goods to chemicals. Your HVAC installation must take into account the core storage purpose of your warehouse in order to determine the suitability of the heating equipment used.

Temperature Zoning 

If you require different areas to be different temperatures, a radiant heating system may be the ideal solution. Radiant heating can be designed with various zoning options - providing a warehouse heating system that is energy efficient, customisable and tailored to the temperature requirements of your business.

If you are looking for a HVAC partner with the capacity to place the requirements of your business at the forefront of every process,we’d love to hear from you!  

Please contact us today via telephone (0121 506 7700) or email ([email protected]) - as the leading manufacturers of industrial and commercial heating systems, we’re confident that we can produce a suitable warehouse heating system to suit you.