Industrial & Commercial Heat Design

Combat's Heat Design Process

Combat Heating Solutions has a team of expert system designers, with a combined expertise that spans over 80 years. Each of our designers is highly trained at producing crystal clear plans for your project to provide you with the best and more efficient heating system solutions. Our professionals have a wealth of Computer Aided Design (CAD) estimating experience and use it to create plans using AutoCAD DWG and PDF layout drawings.


The Advantage Of CAD Heat Design

The major advantage of using CAD software is that different design ideas can be altered quickly and without difficulty. It also increases the productivity of the designer as they can visualise the completed project in 3D.

Working with CAD software allows for clearer communication between designer and customer and supports the capability to improve the quality of the design. The system design can even be animated to help the designer envision the final product, meaning the designer can immediately make the appropriate modifications in the design phase.