Factory Heating

Providing You With The Right Heating Solution

Combat has manufactured a wide variety of industrial heaters suitable for factory heating for more than 50 years. Our range includes Suspended and Floor Standing Warm Air Heaters and ceiling hung Radiant Heaters. All heating systems are available in a wide variety of sizes and outputs to suit small or large factory buildings.

Radiant Heaters heat objects, such as machinery, and act as heat reservoirs that retain the heat so that less heat is lost when overhead doors are opened. As a result, recovery time is reduced thus making it a great energy efficient heating system for larger areas. Another benefit of installing radiant heating systems in factories is that they can be fitted up to 24 m (80') high. This saves valuable floor space and doesn’t interfere with cranes and lifts.

Warm Air Heaters are also a popular choice as it heats the air to a comfortable ambient temperature as and when required. Warm Air Heaters can also be set to summer mode which provides recirculation of air within the building using the fan within the heaters.