Radiant Heating System for Freddie's Flowers, London

Providing a Rapid Radiant Heating System

Following on from rapid growth during the Covid-19 pandemic, Freddie's Flowers needed a bigger warehouse in addition to its current unit in Isleworth, London to expand its successful fresh flower mail delivery business. The new warehouse, near Heathrow, is four times bigger than the previous unit. 

The company employs approximately 130 staff who work shifts enabling the factory to function 24 hours a day distributing up to 52,000 boxes of fresh flowers to subscribers every week. 

The new warehouse was empty when it was bought and lacked an energy efficient heating system that kept staff warm whilst they were packing boxes.  


Designing the Right Radiant Heating System

Combat Heating Solutions Ltd were able to provide the ideal radiant heating system in the CoRayVac radiant tube system, which offers a bespoke design allowing for the constraints of the building structure. Combat designed a heating system to facilitate the packing area and the rest of the floor space, as the roller shutter door to the entrance of the building needs to be kept open for deliveries and vehicle loading. A radiant heating system was the only heating option that allowed this indoor/outdoor ambiance, as a warm air system would be constantly flowing out of the door and heating the external atmosphere. The system was installed by Hevac Services Limited.


Energy Efficient Heating Solution

CoRayVac is an energy efficient system due to its vacuum operated, burners-in-series design, combined with its ability to condense. Lowering exhaust temperatures puts more heat in the space and less waste through the exhaust, which helps to produce additional efficiency and fuel savings. Burners regulate the air-to-gas mixture to achieve the optimum ratio for clean, efficient stoichiometric combustion. Models are available with inputs of; 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 kW. Burner features include: three-try, direct spark ignition, pre-purge, filtered combustion air and cast-iron burner head.

With a unique, revolutionary new deep-dish and wide parabolic design, continuous aluminum reflectors maximise 100% reflection of the energy emitted by the radiant tube down to the floor. End caps and continuous reflectors keep tube convective heat losses to a minimum and consequently the heat exchangers retain more heat for emission. The system utilises heat treated aluminised steel tubes which creates the warm, gentle, radiant energy.


A Heating Solution Providing Comfort

The continuous CoRayVac system is an excellent way to maximise heat distribution to virtually eliminate hot/cold spots and provide the utmost in comfort. This combination of gentle, even heat results in one of the most efficient and effective gas-fired, low-intensity, Radiant Heating Systems in the industry today.

Benefits of the CoRayVac System:

Installation Summary:

  • CoRayVac continuous radiant tube system

  • Uniform blanket heat coverage

  • Highly efficient with rapid heat recovery times

  • Zoning capabilities

  • Operative temperature; designed for the facility