Industrial Gas Heater for Digital Advanced Control

Rapid Installation of an Industrial Gas Heater 

Ten years ago, Digital Advanced Control (DAC) launched into the UK lift industry. Since then the company has seen rapid growth and supplied over 10,000 control panels to the industry, following this success 2020/2021 saw the acquisition and opening of a brand new 18,000 sq ft facility in Daventry, Northampton for DAC.

The new building has been fitted out with state-of-the-art machinery and is more than double the size of the existing site. In addition to increasing the number of customers the company can now supply to, the new facility will provide the opportunity to continue to improve their product offering.

Combat were able to provide the ideal industrial gas heater solution for the new building by installing 2 x Elite ELG135 floor standing NG cabinet heaters.  The previous building had a radiant system in place, but due to the ceilings in the new warehouse being very high, the company felt that a warm air system would be a far better solution.  With this in mind, Combat were able to advise that the installation of two cabinet heaters, along with four HVE400 de-stratification fans in the roof space, would provide the best heating solution.

The Most Efficient Heating Solution

Cabinet heaters are a pre-mounted Combat Control and electrical mains supply with a new “plug and play” mains connector, which contributes to significantly reducing overall installations time and costs. The distribution heads have been redesigned for an aesthetically sleek appearance, as well as increasing the number of heads to improve the distribution of warm air throughout the building.

In addition, de-stratification fans complement your new industrial heating investment. Our energy-saving de-stratification fans improve the efficiency of the heater by keeping valuable warm air down at working level, thus reducing heat loss through the roof structure.

HVE Fans can eliminate thermal stratification from your building. They work by constantly circulating and mixing the internal air until temperatures are balanced and equalised between the floor and ceiling - thermal De-stratification. This reduces the workload for heating and cooling systems significantly and also provides considerable energy saving and reduced carbon footprint. The use of an NRG Controller also allowed easy access and control for the heating system.

Benefits of Elite Cabinet Heaters

  • Natural Gas, LPG, Oil or Kerosene • 40-70kW to 120-235kW outputs

  • Automatic Ignition System

  • On/Off Burner

  • Aluminised steel heat exchanger 

  • Horizontal or Vertical Flue

  • Plug & Play

  • Elco Burner, digital display

  • Rear Flue Spigot (easier installation)

  • Easy access for servicing 

  • NRG fitted to heater

  • Burner options

  • Rear Flue Spigot

Technical Summary:

  • 2 x Elite ELG135kW floor standing NG cabinet heaters

  • 4 x HVE400 de-stratification fans

  • Roof Height: -

    • Eaves: 7.7m

    • Apex: 8.9

  • Controls – NRG

  • 44 meters

  • 24 meter