Complete Linear & Radiant Tube Heating

Complete U-Tube and Radiant Heating

Complete Radiant Heaters can provide even heat distribution from a vacuum design with uniform tube temperatures. CE design certified, the Complete burner box design includes a protective enclosure allowing minimal heat exposure to valuable electrical controls. Available in natural gas or propane gas, the burner is equipped with a fully automatic, three-try, 100% shut-off, direct spark ignition module.

Additional heater features include effective deep-dish aluminium reflectors (stainless steel optional) and durable, heat-treated aluminised tube. This negative pressure unitary heater offers adaptable designs with linear, double linear or u-tube configurations which in return, provides energy efficient heating for your builting type. These radiant heaters can be designed with multiple burners per pump to help reduce installation time and cost. The U-tube radiant heater has reduced wiring costs due to the proximity of the fan to the burner. The double linear radiant heater has reduced building penetrations due to a single fan.


The Ideal Radiant Heating Solution

With a wide range of burner inputs and tube lengths, Complete low-Intensity, unitary Radiant Heaters can be ideal for vehicle service centres, auto body repair shops, manufacturing facilities and more.

  • No wasted heat
  • Hi efficiency alluminium reflector
  • Fast response times
  • Longer life heat treated tubing
  • Easy installation

Additional information

Fuels Available

LPG, Natural Gas

Models Available

 15kW to 50kW. 

CE Standard

EN 416